Well it’s all over now but SPOONFEST 2013 was a blast. If you’ve not heard of it SPOONFEST is a gathering of 230 or so wonderful  people from 11 countries sharing the love of carving wooden spoons. We provide a huge marquee, some of the best teachers in the world, great wood, campfires, BBQs and lots of tools but the real magic is the spirit of everyone who turns up.

Reading the various blogs and facebook posts makes all the hard work organising seem worthwhile, one of my favourites was this one where Julian writes

I met so many kind and friendly people. About seven years ago I went to the Reading music festival. It was the first time I had ever been to an event like this, I enjoyed the music, but I was quite disappointed with the atmosphere. I had hoped that it would resemble Woodstock 1969, what I got was more like a football match. I conclude that hippies don’t go to music festivals anymore, they carve spoons.

Richard Law was clearly inspired by JanHarms workshop on carved decoration.

another blog by Richard

Simon Hill’s experiences

I hardly had time to take photos so am posting links to various other colections

Jo May’s photos

Jane Mickleborough’s photos

There is a facebook group where folk inspired by spoonfest keep in touch all year swapping spoon related ideas here and a spoonfest facebook page where we post details of what is happening first.

My fellow organiser Barn and I really enjoyed this years SPOONFEST and we will be running again in 2014. We have some great ideas for making it an even better experience. We sold out this year a month before the event and we will not be adding any more tickets next year so if you want to come join the facebook group and keep an eye out for tickets going on sale.

2 Responses to SPOONFEST 2013

  1. Frederik October 1, 2013 at 6:05 pm #

    Hi Robin
    thanks a lot again for a really outstanding event on my calendar this year. I hope you and Barn will also hold on to the idea of the pre spoonfest courses. It was a treat!

    For any German speeking spoonenthusiast there is a post about Spoonfest and the course with Fritiof on my Blog: http://frischesholz.wordpress.com
    Otherwise just enjoy the pictures


  2. Brad October 13, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    I didn’t see where you mentioned where ‘SpoonFest’ was? I’ve been making spoons for a few decades now and would love to coordinate with some like minded people and see their works.