Elvaston woodland festival

Here are a few pictures from Elvaston woodland festival, some of the best craftspeople in the country were there.

Owen Jones swill basketmaker probably the craftsperson I most admire, everything about what he does is simply fantastic. website













John Lord flint knapper I spent a day with John a few years ago, he has broken more tons of flint than anyone in the UK and possibly the world. He processes tons of building flints and also produces exquisite arrowheads, axes and anything else you ask him. I bought an axe and an adze head. Having spent a lot of time working with bronze tools I am keen now to try flint tools. The Palaeolithic era lasted from around 2,600,000 BC to just 12,000 years ago. In those terms the Mesolithic and Neolithic, Bronze age Iron age and everything since all together form less than 1/2 of 1% of our tool using history. website












My mate Barn Carder the spoon carver













This is Barn’s show stand/shelter/bed, travel light.









Barn checking out the cutting efficiency of a flint flake, frankly it’s hard to understand why steel tools developed, presumably it happened in areas where there was no flint.












Jeremy Atkinson another old friend, I have been wearing his clogs, shoes and sandals for 15 years. They are the best and an absolute bargain, do yourself a favour and order a pair today. Made to measure long lasting footwear see his website 






















And this was me I spent the weekend turning bowls. It is a great event, if you get the chance to go next year I would recommend it.





2 Responses to Elvaston woodland festival

  1. mac martin October 10, 2013 at 2:27 am #

    I am researching information relating to some wood projects I am been given time to pursue (last retirement – yea right). Turning and carving traditional rural American utensils,bowls,spoons, and other items of daily life.
    Where and when will there be other Spoonfests.
    I live in Murphy, NC.

    • Robin Wood October 10, 2013 at 6:49 am #

      SPOONFEST happens once a year normally first weekend in August in Edale UK. Dates not set for certain yet for 2014 but it will appear on the spoonfest website as soon as they are.