wood carving festival at Saterglantan Sweden “Taljfest” 2

This festival was a packed 3 days and there was so much to see. These pics are just a few of my favourite things. This is Beth Moen bowlcarver, main teacher on the woodworking course at Saterglantan and with Jogge Sundqvist organiser of Taljfest. Her bowls are great.


now here we have three grand masters of Swedish sloyd. Knut Östgård, Wille Sundqvist and  Tage Lundqvist. I had met Wille and Knut on previous visits but met Tage for the first time. His work and his knowledge of traditional craft are both stunning.


This was our team photo as we said goodbye to Taljfest, Fritiof, Jogge, Barn and Jojo. I have a photo of Jogge’s dad Wille teaching Jojo to carve on the step of this cabin from about 10 years ago.


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