Today a magazine dropped through my letterbox, no ordinary magazine, it was a super glossy all the way from Taiwan and as you can see the theme of the issue was Hadicraft, Art, Heritage.



It is a luxury publication in every way, heavy paper, gorgeous images, good design, lots of space. The articles are on the major luxury brands such as Hermes and Luis Vuitton but emphasising the craftsmanship.



I didn’t know that bespoke shoemakers John Lobb are owned by Hermes, I knew that Northampton shoe firm Churchs were owned by Channel, it seems the big luxury brands find that traditional British craftsmanship is something they can market well.



What else comes to mind when we think British luxury goods? whisky perhaps? How about a 1965 Ardbeg? This is the same age as me, getting on toward 50 years old. Ardbeg is one of my favourite whiskies but having seen a bottle of this recently went at auction for £4,375 I doubt I shall be tasting it on my 50th.


Now we have a little diversion into the world of motoring, not just Ferraris and Lamborghinis but ridiculously top of the range one off machines from Bugati and Aston Martin.IMG_7752 IMG_7750

Nestled amongst all those world leading luxury brands, guess what? I have no idea what it says, anyone read Taiwanese? I am sure I have the Crafted program to thank for this one and also my friend Nick Hand‘s great photos.IMG_7749

2 Responses to Luxury

  1. Son Dao October 30, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    That is awesome, I say that your creations are really the only things that truly have craftsmanship though. Congratulations on the coverage.

  2. Eddie January 6, 2014 at 1:15 am #

    Hi Robin,

    Firstly, love you blog when I first stumble across it last year. 🙂 Keep up the good work. Hope you can feature some tropical crafts too.

    Next, “Taiwanese” language is better known as Traditional Chinese (in its written form). I read it somewhat, having spend many years in the Orient. 😉 So, the first two lines under your name, states – (Robin Wood) lit. “protector of the forest, (new line) who is a wildman of carpentry”. If you can post a higher resolution scan, I can give you a better summary.