Edale landscape, morning run pics




I Love Edale at this time of year. The colours are wonderful, the sun low in the sky makes everything look wonderful and sunrise is late enough for me to see it. Better still when you go for a walk or morning run up the hill there are hardly any tourists about, this morning I had all this to myself, what a great way to recharge the batteries. My home is in the bottom right of the pic above.1422354_10153595256165438_27961983_n 1425556_10153595260785438_1288262840_n 1464026_10153594729935438_726606267_n 1467325_10153594712750438_2061927764_n 1468798_10153595244415438_189958529_n 1474622_10153594722730438_2085303215_n

What better scenery could you ask for for a morning run?rob

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