New glasses made in England

As a craftsman I care about how and where things are made. I like quality, I like to know a bit of the story about the stuff in my life, I like things that last. When it came time for new glasses there was only one option really and that was Savile Row Eyewear. This is the model I went for. The reaction has been interesting, old folk think they are old fashioned younger folk think they are great.


There is a rather lovely video filmed in the factory by the BBC here

Savile Row eyewear have made the frames for all sorts of famous folk including Harry Potter

Harry-Potter-and-The-Prisoner-of-Azkaban-harry-james-potter-9649892-1024-7681John Lennonjohn-lennon

Johny Deppninth127 Indiana Jones3763710-6633253739-44619 Ozzy Osbourneozzy

I keep spotting them on screen, remember that famous Hitler sketch with the parodies all over youtube?


And perhaps my personal favourite Mr Anchovy in Monty Python’s famous lion tamer sketch

You won’t buy Savile Row eyewear in your local specsavers you need to go to a proper optician and they will send just one frame to any opticians worldwide for you. I got mine through a friend who runs the spectacle shop in Barnsley. I have come to realise that specsavers are a bit like Ryan Air, there is a perception of value but by the time you add on the extras for thinned lenses, extra for my odd prescription etc they end up not so cheap. It was definitely a good move going back to a proper optician and I am delighted with my new glasses.

2 Responses to New glasses made in England

  1. Nick Conner November 24, 2014 at 2:57 pm #

    My wife is an optician here in the States and she runs into this all of the time. People don’t understand the value they lose by going with online frame shops. A good optician can save you loads of time and money by getting you into the right pair of specs the first time and making sure they are adjusted for you. Great looking glasses Robin. I’ve just got a new pair, but now I may have to look into these. Thanks.

  2. Natalie Conner November 25, 2014 at 6:16 am #

    Well said, Robin! It’s disappointing to hear that opticians across the pond face the same challenges we face in the States, namely communicating the value of our services. But it is encouraging to know that there are people speaking out for us there too!