So four months work are coming to fruition with the opening of my first ever show. This marks 20 years as a full time woodworker and it has been a very interesting process. Most interesting has been the challenge to create something new to fit in to an environment that I have admired for 25 years. To create a body of work that could stand alongside the work of master craftspeople from 6 centuries or more. There will be more images here in due course but here for now are a few snaps as a preview. The show opens today, I am doing turning demonstrations today and tomorrow and the pieces will be in place until the Hall closes for the winter November 1st.




The centrepiece of the show. I made three huge hewn bowls on raised stands.



There are also two large new nests of bowls on stands.


The new work is all hewn and textured with the Japanese adze or chouna. The bowls texture is called kikkou hatsuri and reminiscent of the pattern on a turtles back. The stand texture is called yahazu moyou similar to the feathers on an arrow flight or a herringbone pattern.



Here are the pieces in their setting, what a glorious place. If you have never visited I would highly recommend it, to me it is like a spiritual home, the craftwork on display there from the building to the furniture collections are simply incredible.

Author Robin Wood

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