In just over a months time I’ll be heading for the USA to teach at the amazing North House Folk School.

I am teaching two three day courses which are already fully booked but also there is a full weekend of activities as part of the “Fresh Cut” conference. It promises to be an inspirational time with events running Friday Saturday and Sunday 30th October-1st November. What is it all about? Well the reason I am going is primarily to spend time with Michael Hosaluk who is one of the most inspirational, thought provoking and fun woodworkers I have had the pleasure to meet. At a glance his work may seem a polar opposite to my own traditional work but when you meet him any perceived differences disappear and only new ideas and opportunities matter.

There will be lots of other thought provoking meetings too. I personally draw as much inspiration from ceramicists as i do woodworkers so I will be interested to listen in on the discussion on Saturday Night “Clay Talks to Wood: Reflection, Critique and Discussion with Ginny Sims & Jess Hirsch” I’ll spend time with my friend Jarrod Stone Dahl and hopefully drink beer and make music with Roger Abrahamson we’ll eat wood fired pizza and what passes for fish and chips in those parts.

If you have not been before then it is worth signing up just to visit North House, read about my last visit hereIMG_9624 It is a place I would fly across an ocean to spend time at. Get your ticket here 

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