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Ollies sculptures

This week I have been working in a nice woodland on a bridge project and Ollie my 11 year old has been coming out with me and making sculptures in a Richard Long/Golsworthy sort of style. This sort of play is all about interacting with the environment and the benefits are very deep for adults […]

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ridley scott film on hold

This morning started with a radio interview at 7.15 on Radio Derby about the Ridley Scott commission and during the day I was packing up the bowls which are all ready to go now. I am pleased with them but they do look a bit drap since they wanted them untreated so that it will […]

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laburnum and silver

These two bowls are just off to a customer, a nice chap who has been collecting my work for a couple of years and has a taste for nice pieces. I did some photos of them for Goldsmiths magazine for an article they want to run and the laburnum photographs really well. Top one is […]

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a bit of fun with the press

These days it is not enough to simply make nice things. In order to make a living craftsmen have to be businessmen too, in fact probably less than half my working time is spent actually making things, I spend a fair bit of time answering emails, packaging and posting work out, fetching wood, forging tools, […]

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a new forge

I have been forging my own woodturning tools for more than 15 years but for all that time I have borrowed other peoples forges which has its drawbacks. Today I took delivery of my very own new (to me) forge. It’s a gas powered forge similar to the ones farriers use and because it is […]

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a new lathe

The swallows are happily feeding young now. It has been a busy couple of weeks with turning the big bowls for Ridley Scotts film Nottingham and then I needed to build a new lathe bed for my mobile lathe. The old one lasted about 12 years and the uprights or poppits as they are called […]

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The swallows are now happily sitting on the nest whilst I turn 4 feet away. Today I went to collect timber and brought home a large bur maple tree perfect for making mazers from. Bur wood is heavier and denser than straight grained wood of the same species and it is very eneficient to use […]

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swallows in the workshop

I think this has to better than any environmental business award. I have swallows nesting 5 feet away from my lathe. They nest in my workshop most years and are using the same nest they used last year. So far she has laid 3 eggs but has not started sitting yet. last year it was […]

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