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a bit of fun with the press

These days it is not enough to simply make nice things. In order to make a living craftsmen have to be businessmen too, in fact probably less than half my working time is spent actually making things, I spend a fair bit of time answering emails, packaging and posting work out, fetching wood, forging tools, […]

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a new forge

I have been forging my own woodturning tools for more than 15 years but for all that time I have borrowed other peoples forges which has its drawbacks. Today I took delivery of my very own new (to me) forge. It’s a gas powered forge similar to the ones farriers use and because it is […]

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a new lathe

The swallows are happily feeding young now. It has been a busy couple of weeks with turning the big bowls for Ridley Scotts film Nottingham and then I needed to build a new lathe bed for my mobile lathe. The old one lasted about 12 years and the uprights or poppits as they are called […]

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The swallows are now happily sitting on the nest whilst I turn 4 feet away. Today I went to collect timber and brought home a large bur maple tree perfect for making mazers from. Bur wood is heavier and denser than straight grained wood of the same species and it is very eneficient to use […]

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swallows in the workshop

I think this has to better than any environmental business award. I have swallows nesting 5 feet away from my lathe. They nest in my workshop most years and are using the same nest they used last year. So far she has laid 3 eggs but has not started sitting yet. last year it was […]

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project M

Its been a busy time so I have a few things to post. First is “project M.” I have been corresponding with my friend Tomio Imaru in Japan and he sent me some lovely Japanese bowls. I am always interested in how designs of bowls develop along with the food they are used for, Tomio […]

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bridges in wild places

I had another day working on my new oak bridge this week. It is across Hood Brook on the North Lees estate above Hathersage (Little John was supposed to come from there). It’s a gorgeous spot and we are having great fun walking in with out tools and working on the trees in situ to […]

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wooden bowls for Ridley Scott film

I just received an order to make some bowls for Ridley Scott’s next film which is set in the 12th century and called Nottingham. It has been billed as “The Galdiator version of Robin Hood”. I have been approached by folk looking for film props several times before but normally they want it tomorrow, have […]

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an oak seat

Having worked the last two weekends it would be nice to have a day or two off this week but I have quite a lot on so a day off will have to wait till the week after next when kids are on half term. I do have some really nice inspiring work on though […]

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