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forging turning tools

Today I did some more work on the tools I rough forged on the bladesmithing course. I ground them and polished them then put them in my little “furnace” which is a rather grand name for a pile of firebricks and a blowtorch. Each one was heated then the small hook formed on the end, […]

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using woodware

I like to make things for use, personally I get a lot of pleasure out of beautiful but functional objects that I use in my daily life and that is what I aim for in my work. So it was a pleasure to receive this message today from the customers I mentioned on Friday 18th. […]

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commemorative benches and beech bowl blanks

Today I had a meeting at the Peak National Park talking about potential commemorative projects having recently built a bridge for them. The idea is that some people would like to have something beautiful and functional as a memorial…a sculptural bridge, gate or seat perhaps. Much of what is available is suburban in character and […]

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making porringers

Today I was making porringers that is small bowls with handles out of a 250 year old beech tree. Its very satisfying when I have a day where I go all the way from tree to finished bowls in one go. These bowls are copies of an Elizabethan one found in Sothwark not far from […]

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