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wonderful old axe forging film

I love axes, I love to see them forged and I love the sort of ingenious technology that people came up with in the late nineteenth early twentieth century. It feels to me there was a sweet spot in technology that involved a lot of skill in the maker before full mechanisation removed most of […]

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juggling with axes and other fun stuff

Most blog readers will know I enjoy using a well balanced axe, probably not many know I am also a keen juggler and have lots of friends who were profesional performers. I once rode my unicycle around the top of the world trade centre. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a show advertised bringing […]

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Japanese axes, adzes and woodworking tools

Nothing to see here unless you like pictures of nice Japanese axes. These gorgeous woodworking tools came from my Japanese friend Tomio Imaru.  Imarusan and his woodworking friends have very kindly scoured Japanese auctions for me to collect these beautiful tools. I hope to share some of them with the European carpenters that came to […]

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how to fit a new axe handle

This blog post shows how to fit a new axe handle, it could be a new store bought handle or one you made yourself following the instructions in the previous blog post on how to make an axe handle. This is the old head and new roughed out handle I made in the previous post. […]

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Japanese axes and adzes

Whilst building the tea house in Japan we used a many axes and adzes. The axe that got most use was the carpenters ono, a bearded laminated axe that comes in various sizes from small one handed hatchets used for removing the waney edge of boards to large heavy versions used for squaring beams.  This […]

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