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Re-enactors market

I am just back from a long weekend selling my bowls. The event was a historical re-enactors market, these are the folk that you may have seen recreating battles from various periods or working in historic houses bringing history to life. That side of the hobby is called living history and particularly folk who specialise […]

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bowls for theatre use

A few weeks ago I sent off some bowls for use in a theatre production and just got sent some pictures from the dress rehearsal. The bowls represent the 12 disciples and Christ, in this scene the dancer representing Christ is pouring water from one bowl to another and the plan is to add a […]

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eating from wooden bowls

Eating from wood is just normal for our family, so much so that we just don’t think about it, and it always surprises me the reaction whenever I use pictures of us actually using the things. Ten years ago the BBC did a short TV feature on my work and included a brief shot of […]

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oiling bowls

Well the porringers I was making 6 weeks ago when I started this blog are now dry and ready for oiling. I am often asked what are the best oils to treat wood for food use and have experimented with many over the years. Dry wood is like blotting paper and would absorb any liquid […]

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a replica mazer

I thought it would be nice to post this replica of a medieval mazer here. I actually finished it a little while ago but it has been away at an exhibition and just came back, I think it is one of the best pieces I have made. I first became aware of mazers many years […]

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forging turning tools

Today I did some more work on the tools I rough forged on the bladesmithing course. I ground them and polished them then put them in my little “furnace” which is a rather grand name for a pile of firebricks and a blowtorch. Each one was heated then the small hook formed on the end, […]

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using woodware

I like to make things for use, personally I get a lot of pleasure out of beautiful but functional objects that I use in my daily life and that is what I aim for in my work. So it was a pleasure to receive this message today from the customers I mentioned on Friday 18th. […]

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