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wooden bowl


I love eating from wooden bowls, I love hearing from folk who eat from my wooden bowls and I love most of all seeing photos of those bowls in use. I tell folk that they get nicer as they are used more but pictures of well used bowls tell the story so much better. So […]

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black and white

These Bowls and plates are commissioned for a new shop in Mayfair called The New Craftsmen. I am really pleased with the way they have turned out, bowls in sycamore some flame blackened, plates in beech.  The blackened bowls are something I used to do quite often 10 years or so ago but have not done recently. […]

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new bowls for sale

I spend a lot of time posting about my woodworking and other fun stuff here and often forget to update the most important bit of my various online sites, the gallery pages where people can buy my work. In fact most fo the pages have been showing “currently out of stock” for ages. I do […]

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wooden bowls

Wooden bowls are very simple things but they also have the capacity to be very meaningful. This bowl was made by George Lailey “the last bowlturner” who died in 1958 and was the inspiration behind my work. It is a joy to use and all the nicer because it has already seen 60 years hard […]

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