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lots of wooden bowls

This week I am in full production mode in the workshop and thoroughly enjoying it. These are beech bowls, perfect for soup or cereal. They are turned green then stacked for the air to circulate whilst they dry, it takes about 6 weeks.  I think it is sad so few turners make bowls to eat […]

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first turned bowl

My daughter Jojo is very talented with many hand skills from cake baking to knife forging. Whilst she has carved bowls and spoons before she has never turned a bowl on the pole lathe. I think it is a bit intimidating when you have grown up seeing someone doing it at full speed professionally but […]

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hairy biker bowls

I don’t normally work Sundays unless at a show but today I had a rush job on and made a pair of bowls and spoons for BBCs hairy bikers. Nest week they are filming at HMS Victory and needed some appropriate tableware so this morning I started with a beech log and cherry log and […]

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filming and turning

I spent yesterday filming with the BBC in the workshop and turning a nice nest of bowls. Stopped on way home and dropped them in a clump of heather, I love to see it in flower. The beeb are doing a series on Heritage at Risk and it sounds like it will be a good […]

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original Viking bowl

I quite often get asked to comment on wooden bowls from excavations and for me it is very special to see, the work of turners from centuries ago who were using exactly the same tools and techniques as I use today. To see the toolmarks gives a direct connection to a craftsperson working 1000 years […]

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