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on exhibition in the USA

A couple of weeks ago some of my work went on exhibition in Philadelphia as part of the “Challenge VII” exhibition which aims to show interesting pieces that are pushing the boundaries of the art of woodturning in the world today. The very posh catalogue arrived yesterday and I was delighted not only to be […]

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wooden plates

I have been back in the workshop this week turning wooden plates, when the wood is in perfect condition and the tools sharp it really is a joy. Particularly so since I know people enjoy eating off the plates so much. Whilst my bowls vary quite a lot with plates I only make one design […]

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Bowl finds a good home

I always love to see photos of my bowls and plates in use and to hear from folk that enjoy using them. A couple of weeks ago I had a visit at the workshop from a regular Blog corespondent “Miss Rika”. When folk can see where the bowls are made and choose the one that […]

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the perfect customer

This week I sent out a set of 8 plates to a lovely customer who uses my plates on his boat. This is the email he sent me. “We bought a set of your plates 9 years ago for our sailing boat Alice we built and completed in 2000 ,they have been in use ever […]

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ridley scott film on hold

This morning started with a radio interview at 7.15 on Radio Derby about the Ridley Scott commission and during the day I was packing up the bowls which are all ready to go now. I am pleased with them but they do look a bit drap since they wanted them untreated so that it will […]

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laburnum and silver

These two bowls are just off to a customer, a nice chap who has been collecting my work for a couple of years and has a taste for nice pieces. I did some photos of them for Goldsmiths magazine for an article they want to run and the laburnum photographs really well. Top one is […]

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a bit of fun with the press

These days it is not enough to simply make nice things. In order to make a living craftsmen have to be businessmen too, in fact probably less than half my working time is spent actually making things, I spend a fair bit of time answering emails, packaging and posting work out, fetching wood, forging tools, […]

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a new forge

I have been forging my own woodturning tools for more than 15 years but for all that time I have borrowed other peoples forges which has its drawbacks. Today I took delivery of my very own new (to me) forge. It’s a gas powered forge similar to the ones farriers use and because it is […]

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