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learning craft is like learning music so why do we teach it differently?

When I started teaching wooden spoon carving I would allow people to “go free with the wood” just teaching them basic technique and letting their imaginations run wild. They made crap spoons but were happy. After a while I decided for my foundation beginners course I had to restrict the options and teach in a […]

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10 rules for teaching craft

I have spent many years as a craftsman and then the last seven I have systematically developed a range of woodcarving courses. This has been a very interesting process and I thought it may be useful to others that teach to know how my mind works. So here are my 10 rules for teaching craft, […]

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best spoon carving courses in the UK?

I started carving spoons 21 years ago inspired by Wille Sundqvists book “Swedish Carving Technique” back then there were no spoon carving courses the UK green woodworking scene was all about making windsor chairs on pole lathes. I was totally inspired by Wille Sunqvist “Carved utensils and other objects are a joy to use and […]

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