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learning how to sharpen a knife properly

Just finished an enjoyable 1 day knife and axe sharpening course. Sharp tools are  essential for any woodworker and one of the things where we maybe don’t always put in the time we should. Well today we put the time in. We started by looking at the sharpening systems everyone was currently using mostly a […]

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spoon carving course review

A nice review of my foundation spooncarving course in this months Bushcraft Magazine. Paul who did the review has been carving and teaching for some time but still enjoyed it and learned some new things. Hopefully if you click on this image it will enlarge big enough to read. When I started I wondered whether […]

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spoon carving course

Just finished a wonderful spooncarving course. Lovely folk and with 6 of us carving for 3 days and learning new skills and techniques not single drop of blood was spilled of plaster used. I think this North West Coast style feast ladle is one of the nicest things I have had carved on a course […]

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What is Sloyd?

All of a sudden I have heard lots of folk talking about “sloyd”. Like “utsushi” in my last post this is a foreign word which has many subtle meanings which are lost in the normal translation simply as “handcraft”. This word I know a little more about though having spent some time in Sweden and […]

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how to carve wooden bowls course

Just finished 3 enjoyable days teaching carving wooden bowls and here are some of the bowls folks made.   Dave hollowing the inside with a Hans Karlsson adze.   Tamsin smoothing the outside with a push knife.  Lots of axe work. I normally hope folk will make 2 bowls each during the course but Mick […]

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