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environmentally friendly packaging

When my customers buy work from me it generally arrives in a fairly shoddy looking cardboard box which I collected from the supermarket and reused. I am aware that this does not give the feeling of value and quality that I feel for my work. I know how wonderful it feels opening beautiful, well designed […]

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using a blog as a sales gallery

Websites are great for craftspeople to sell work if you have repeatable items. They are not so easy for one off pieces as creating a webpage with photos and details takes time this is OK if your pieces are hundreds of pounds but for  £20 piece it can take as long to update all the […]

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Re-enactors market

I am just back from a long weekend selling my bowls. The event was a historical re-enactors market, these are the folk that you may have seen recreating battles from various periods or working in historic houses bringing history to life. That side of the hobby is called living history and particularly folk who specialise […]

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