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The February Edition of countryman magazine features several articles on traditional crafts. I bought it because there is a 4 page feature on my bowlturning work with some nice discussion about the Heritage Crafts Association. There is also a nice feature on the work of Paul Felix who has been photographing traditional craftspeople for 20 […]

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Savile Row Tailoring, part of England’s Heritage?

I just wanted to share with my blog readers a rather wonderful blog by a Savile Row Tailor Thomas Mahon. “The English Cut” This was an early blog post from March 2005 “I do think the institution that has clothed most of the world’s most influential people for the best part of two hundred years […]

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2010 the year for traditional crafts to be recognised as part of our heritage

My first blog post of 2009 talked about the need for a traditional craft organisation here. Just a year on I feel so much more positive about the future of traditional craft skills. We still have a way to go but the foundations have been laid for 2010 to be the year when traditional crafts […]

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Libby Purves on making stuff

I have long been a fan of Libby Purves, midweek presenter, author and Times columnist. This article I just came across written in the Times on 27th July really struck a cord. Full article here, Here are a few extracts. “To feel good about your work, as an individual and a society, to beboth […]

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English Heritage, traditional crafts and Birmingham’s Jewelry Quarter

English Heritage recently bought a silversmiths workshop in Birmingham Simon Thurley was quoted as saying “We have stepped in to save JW Evans because it is one of the most important Victorian and Edwardian manufacturies in existence. Its loss would not just be for Birmingham but the world. We now need to secure its long […]

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