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meetings with English Heritage, NADFAS and ICON

Tuesday was another meetings in London day. We had excellent meetings with English Heritage, NADFAS and ICON all of whom are supportive of what the Heritage Crafts Association are trying to achieve. We were given some good new contacts and ideas. One particularly interesting idea was looking at how English Heritage are already beginning to […]

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traditional crafts debated in the House of Commons

At the Heritage Crafts Association we are delighted that less than six months from our formation we have seen the state of traditional crafts debated in the House of Commons with the Culture Minister answering questions. Speaking at an adjournment debate on Traditional Crafts in the House of Commons this Thursday Barbara Follett said: “We […]

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Just came across this from a design conference Nicola attended in Barcelona in 2003, I liked it and thought I would share it. “Techné is Greek for “craft” and “art” and is the term that Aristotle used in theorising knowledge, to refer to the third form of knowledge in his classification of sciences. Now understood […]

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Closure of the Textile Conservation Centre

The Textile Conservation Centre was founded in 1975 by Karen Finch OBE and was based at Hampton Court Palace for nearly 25 years. It is of international importance having trained over half of the textile conservators working in the world today. In 1998 the Centre merged with the University of Southampton, one of the UK’s […]

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French Traditional Crafts

France has a wonderful system for supporting traditional crafts. “These craftsmen, second to none, whose talents are often anonymousand unsung, deserve to be better known, declared the Minister ofCulture and Communication,… For although the heritage is recognisedprimarily in the form of historic monuments, she explained, …ourcountry also has a great many highly skilled craftsmen and […]

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