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SPOONFEST is one of the highlights of my year. It is a wonderful gathering of 250 people from 11 countries all sharing the love of carved wooden spoons. That is on the surface but underneath there is something deeper, a shared enjoyment of a slightly silly, simple, meaningful life with chatting and music round the […]

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John Merritt woodcarver

This is quite some distance from the sort of green wood carving that I enjoy or the medieval woodwork that inspires me but I love to see anyone who does stuff purely for pleasure and it’s lovely to hear him talking about his work. The pliers cut from a single piece of wood are pretty […]

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practice, passion, dedication.

Last year this video did the rounds on the internet, you may have seen it before, if you haven’t then you are in for a treat. I absolutely loved it at the time and now I love it all the more and this is why. I just found the facebook page for Marquese Scott  and there […]

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two great craftsmanship films

Metalworking today but that is not really relevant, both films are really about what it means to be a maker of things. [vimeo w=500&h=281] The Metalsmith from Dan McComb on Vimeo. The first film was shared with me by Ford Hallam who I first discovered a couple of years ago through seeing this next video […]

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Chairmaking, Gimson, Philip Clissett, Lawrence Neal, tradition and revival.

Today in the New York Times there is a good article on Philip Clissett Herefordshire chairmaker it gives some of the history but there is more to add so here goes….Philip Clissett was one of very many country chairmakers. The windsor chairmaking tradition around the chilterns is widely known but there were very many more […]

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