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skilled work

I just came across this short film on the internet and wanted to share it.¬†I love seeing work done well, can you imagine what a mess it would be possible to make doing this? and how smoothly and effortlessly these two get the job done. This impresses me as much as a premiership footballers skills, […]

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wonderful old axe forging film

I love axes, I love to see them forged and I love the sort of ingenious technology that people came up with in the late nineteenth early twentieth century. It feels to me there was a sweet spot in technology that involved a lot of skill in the maker before full mechanisation removed most of […]

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SPOONFEST is one of the highlights of my year. It is a wonderful gathering of 250 people from 11 countries all sharing the love of carved wooden spoons. That is on the surface but underneath there is something deeper, a shared enjoyment of a slightly silly, simple, meaningful life with chatting and music round the […]

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John Merritt woodcarver

This is quite some distance from the sort of green wood carving that I enjoy or the medieval woodwork that inspires me but I love to see anyone who does stuff purely for pleasure and it’s lovely to hear him talking about his work. The pliers cut from a single piece of wood are pretty […]

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