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The Whelkman of Whitstable Harbour

Derrick West has the sea running through his veins; at 84 he is Britain’s oldest working fisherman. “I have no plans for retirement. I’m not interested in sitting around watching TV; that’s when you start to go downhill.” A third generation whelkman, Derrick has fished oysters, cockles and whelks along the Kentish coast for over […]

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big wooden ball film

Well this one is right at the other end of the spectrum from my foot powered turning but I like it anyway. There is something special about really large pieces of wood, I am a fan of Brancusi and Hepworth, these may not be in the same league art wise but they have a presence […]

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seeds of freedom

Most of my blog posts are about traditional woodworking and traditional crafts but I am also passionately interested in traditional agriculture¬†globally and locally. Perhaps surprisingly ¬†only 30% of the worlds food is produced by the industrialised farming methods we are so familiar with in the developed West, this system is designed to work with large […]

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short films of inspirational people

No woodworking or crafts in this post just some inspirational people living lives to the full, believing in what they do and going their own way. Maybe taking the road less travelled. First up Lloyd Kahn, I first came across his inspirational book “Shelter” 20 or more years ago. What a treat to find him […]

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great old african mask carving film

Vintage David Attenborough showing how the Dogon people in Mali approach wood carving from part one the seven-part series “The Tribal Eye”. (1975) The felling of the limb is impressive as is the finish straight from the elbow adzes and the strong bold design. Stick with it to 8 1/2 minutes in and Attenborough’s comments […]

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