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short films of inspirational people

No woodworking or crafts in this post just some inspirational people living lives to the full, believing in what they do and going their own way. Maybe taking the road less travelled. First up Lloyd Kahn, I first came across his inspirational book “Shelter” 20 or more years ago. What a treat to find him […]

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great old african mask carving film

Vintage David Attenborough showing how the Dogon people in Mali approach wood carving from part one the seven-part series “The Tribal Eye”. (1975) The felling of the limb is impressive as is the finish straight from the elbow adzes and the strong bold design. Stick with it to 8 1/2 minutes in and Attenborough’s comments […]

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more great old woodcraft films

We are so lucky that folk years ago filmed these for us and also that folk today are uploading them and making them available for free.Alex Stewart cooper I love this one Elizabeth Proper “it’s just a job, ya gotta eat” “I just like working wood that’s all” and 90n yr old tinsmith John Forshee

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Nice Finnish blacksmith film

Here is a really nice film of Finnish blacksmith Jesse Sipola, he has developed a system of using hand held air hammers for fine forging work, particularly faces, it’s a nicely shot and edited film too. Worth double clicking to get full screen. [vimeo w=400&h=225]Jesse Sipola, Seppä | Blacksmith (2011) from Eero Y on […]

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more old woodworking films

first a nice new one about rakemakers the Rudd family in Cumbria. [vimeo w=400&h=225]16 TEETH – Cumbria’s last traditional rakemakers from Rii Schroer on Vimeo. and some old ones about sussex trug making, first in colour from 1963 TRUGS and then back to 1929 BASKET MEN OF SUSSEX and finally Irish coracle making, nice […]

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some more nice films

Just wanted to share a few nice film shorts I have seen recently, they are all loosely about craft and manufacturing with passion but also they are good examples of the craft of filmaking. A pair of nutty chocolate makers, I love the idea of sailing the beans[vimeo w=400&h=225] Running shoes made in England, […]

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Stott Park Bobbin Mill

This is one of my favourite Heritage sites. Located in the South Cumbria it is the last bobbin mill surviving with all it’s original machinery. I have visited several times and taken the tour, watching the turning machines peeling rough coppice roundwood down to round bobbins in second is a bit like watching a toilet […]

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