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another cool short film

I may be a Luddite and use medieval woodworking tools but I also love some forms of technology, to me it’s not a question of everything in the old days was good and everything today is bad or vice versa. Today we have the opportunity to choose the best from the past and put it […]

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a great day in Sheffield and old films

Just wanted to share a great day. It started with a visit to Flinn and Garlick the last traditional sawmakers in the UK. They were a bit busy and not many of the interesting tools were running in the workshop so I am afraid I have no photos to share this time but I will […]

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English country pottery

We have a fantastic heritage of pottery in Britain with many threads. Medieval earthenware jugs are universally praised then there are gorgeous 18th century slipware dishes, the rise of industrial ceramics in the Staffordshire potteries, salt glazed stoneware in the 19th and early 20th C and finally the studio pottery movement and Bernard Leach’s fusion […]

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how to make a Sheffield pocketknife in 50 pictures

 Last week I posted about visiting a traditional Sheffield pocketknife maker with Jon Henley from the Guardian. Now you can see Jon’s slide show here. Appologies for wrong link posted yesterday.  If you like it why not post a comment here or sign up to the guardian site and post a comment below the […]

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