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pottery in Stoke

I am no expert on pottery in Stoke but was just horrified to learn that Wedgwood has moved production to Jakata, Indonesia. Here is a short youtube of the Wedgwood factory “Made in England” 2007 and a longer one of a guy demonstrating throwing. Now listen to BBC Radio Stoke doing a 3 minute feature […]

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2 great new films, one short one long

“Crochet an activity made popular by grandmothers who usually make scarves and quilts, but Olek crochets…….everything” This TV clip is the sort of thing I normally just flag up on the Heritage Crafts Association facebook page but I enjoyed it so much I thought this one deserved a more permanent post on the blog. It’s […]

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letterpress film

A short film about a craft process filmed in the style of a pop video with nice lenses, blurred fades and rock and roll. Yeh baby! [vimeo w=400&h=225]Let’s Press from Strawberry Militia on Vimeo.

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great old videos

My friend Sean Hellman pointed me toward the Pathe news site which has some great old craft films from the 1930s to 50s. Not sure if these are visible in the US and there may be a short advert at the start but worth it. HOOP MAKING CLOGS RUSH INDUSTRY (issue title – MANORS AND […]

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another cool short film

I may be a Luddite and use medieval woodworking tools but I also love some forms of technology, to me it’s not a question of everything in the old days was good and everything today is bad or vice versa. Today we have the opportunity to choose the best from the past and put it […]

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a great day in Sheffield and old films

Just wanted to share a great day. It started with a visit to Flinn and Garlick the last traditional sawmakers in the UK. They were a bit busy and not many of the interesting tools were running in the workshop so I am afraid I have no photos to share this time but I will […]

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