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why I don’t use sandpaper

I don’t use sandpaper and this email received today is a good start in explaining why. “Hi Robin Would you mind if I ask you another question? Can’t find any advice on this on t’internet. I buy a spoon from you, with lovely knife finish and no sanding and when I use it and wash […]

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how to make home made paint

I started playing with eco paints many years ago and tried various limewashes, milk paints etc. The recipe which I use now we learned whilst I was teaching at the National Hancrafts school in Sweden, it is quick and very easy to make, cheap quick drying, smells nice and when fully cured washable. It is […]

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oiling bowls

Well the porringers I was making 6 weeks ago when I started this blog are now dry and ready for oiling. I am often asked what are the best oils to treat wood for food use and have experimented with many over the years. Dry wood is like blotting paper and would absorb any liquid […]

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