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I love my job

I love my job. I make useful things that people get pleasure from using. Yesterday was spent making spoon carving knives, some would consider it boring repetitive work, putting an identical 20 degree bend in 750 blades. I get pleasure out of setting everything up so that it works efficiently, smoothly, precisely, with little stress […]

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making spoon knives

For carving spoons you need a bent knife to hollow the bowl. Over the years I have been carving and teaching I have struggled to get good knives. For a while I was buying them from Bo Helgesson in Sweden and they were excellent but he does not seem to be making them now. There […]

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learning how to sharpen a knife properly

Just finished an enjoyable 1 day knife and axe sharpening course. Sharp tools are  essential for any woodworker and one of the things where we maybe don’t always put in the time we should. Well today we put the time in. We started by looking at the sharpening systems everyone was currently using mostly a […]

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