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Jim the pot

These pots are made by a friend “Jim The Pot“. He throws more pots than any other potter I know and that repetition leads to great skill and a lovely feeling of freedom and life in the work. He is not known amongst the pottery world or craft world though because he doesn’t do craft […]

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Morgan car factory visit

I just found these photos from a great tour of the Morgan car factory last year, hope you enjoy them as much as I did the tour. Looking down on the back wheel of the new 3 wheeler. and from the front, can’t beat a big V twin engine.  I quite liked the WW11 fighter […]

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Nice Finnish blacksmith film

Here is a really nice film of Finnish blacksmith Jesse Sipola, he has developed a system of using hand held air hammers for fine forging work, particularly faces, it’s a nicely shot and edited film too. Worth double clicking to get full screen. [vimeo w=400&h=225]Jesse Sipola, Seppä | Blacksmith (2011) from Eero Y on […]

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gorgeous birch bark craftsmanship

Can you imagine what it must feel like peeling the bark from a tree and making it into these.  These gorgeous containers are the work of Jarrod Stone Dahl, they are a traditional basket design made by native Americans around the great lakes. I have admired Jarrod’s work for a while everything he makes from […]

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