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the last glass eye maker

From The Times online “IN A SMALL room overlooking a quiet North London street, Jost Haas sits in a white coat at a cluttered table, delicately blowing into a glass tube until a ball bubbles out from the end. Using skills unchanged for 170 years, he is making an artificial eye such as those that […]

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Savile Row tailoring, a great speaker for the V&A crafts conference

We have now booked our final speaker for the Heritage Crafts Association spring conference and I am delighted to have Mark Henderson chair of the Savile Row Bespoke association giving the opening speech. Savile Row tailoring is renowned the world over as something of quality and heritage along with a certain restrained and timeless style, […]

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Trevor Austen rakemaker

This for me is a very sad video, my friend Trevor Austen rakemaker filmed after the onset of motor nurone disease. Sad too because this viable business died and the workshop was broken up when he could no longer work. Trevor finally passed away on Christmas day. Here are a few more articles about Trevor’s […]

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Walsall Saddlers, Frank Baines

In 1901 there were 6800 saddlers working in Walsall. Little wonder then that the train station is in the saddler centre and the football team are nicknamed the saddlers but how much of the craft is alive today? This is the workshop of Frank Baines one of the twenty or so saddlers listed in Walsall […]

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flat plane woodcarving

This is a style of woodworking very popular in Scandinavia and the US but very little known in the UK. I have to say most of the work done today I find rather kitch or twee. Folk for some reason often use the style to carve elves and gnomes or goofy caricatures. I am going […]

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