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corn dollies

At the Norfolk show I had distant memories of childhood rekindled by watching Margaret making corn dollies. I remember as a child on the neighboring farm where I spent much of my time they still made dollies every year to ensure a good harvest the following year. Corn dollies are fascinating because they bridge the […]

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Doug Fitch potter

I love nice pots, especially ones that you can use everyday in the kitchen. Yesterday we visited “Fire and Earth” an annual event at Rufford AbbeyThere were lots of nice pots to see and potters to chat with including a blogging friend Doug Fitch. I don’t have time to follow many other craftspeoples blogs but […]

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flint knapping

I find it is very helpful to me in my work to occasionally go and spend some time working with another craftsman. To learn new unrelated skills often is very inspirational, I guess I am lucky in that after working in the crafts for many years I know many of the best traditional craftspeople in […]

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