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more bronze age woodworing

Another update on the progress of the bronze age Dover boat. Ancient woodworking specialist Damian Goodburn visited last week and declared this the most complex example of prehistoric woodworking ever reconstructed. Well there is a lot of headscratching and thinking involved and I have to say my understanding of the bronze age has been transformed. […]

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boat 1550BC progress

The beauty of building a replica of the Bronze Age boat in Dover is that we are just 100 yards away from the 3,500 year old original. Whilst it has been studied and drawn in great detail there is no way every detail can be recorded but we can go and check fine details on […]

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Bronze Age boatbuilding part 4

This is Richard Darrah who along with Ole Crumlin-Pedersen drew up the plans for the replica boat. The picture here is a 1/10th scale drawing of the curved ile which I am making.  It is surprising how big a proportion of the time is spent marking, measuring, moving timber from one position to another to […]

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Bronze Age Boatbuilding part 3

A few folk have asked if there were artifacts found with the original boat. Sadly there were very few and those mostly fragmentary. The boat had clearly been pulled up out of the river to a marshy area and partly dismembered before sinking into the archaeological record. One artifact we do need is paddles. It […]

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