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Is it OK to copy other cultures work?

When if ever is it OK to work in the style of another culture? Can this work honour the native culture or is it always going to be demeaning and is there a danger of craft homogeneity with all woodworkers from around the globe taking what they like from Native American, Maori, Scandinavian or West […]

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I love my job

I love my job. I make useful things that people get pleasure from using. Yesterday was spent making spoon carving knives, some would consider it boring repetitive work, putting an identical 20 degree bend in 750 blades. I get pleasure out of setting everything up so that it works efficiently, smoothly, precisely, with little stress […]

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great film on simple living

Here is a wonderful film. I am so excited by the 21st century we can use the most amazing technology to find and link up with folks around the world with an interest in simple technologies. Great film making and ace music too. Yoav bought a porringer off me a month ago, if I am […]

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handmade philosophy

Each year around this time we get a load of stuff shared on facebook suggesting we buy local, craftsman made etc. All worthy enough but this year I really liked this one. The sad thing is that it is being widely shared without any credit to either the person that penned the words or whoever […]

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The Little Book of Craftivism

This delightful little book was published last week. For those that don’t know craftivism is a mixture of craft and activism. Craftivists get together and do stuff to raise awareness about issues and attempt to change the world for the better. The link between craft and campaigning for a better world is long perhaps Gandhi […]

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Craving the analog

Craving the analog We live in an increasingly digitised age, we are all connected and seemingly the more connected we are the more successful we appear. This change has happened incredibly quickly, far faster than the change from rural to urban living during the industrial revolution. Whilst digital connectivity has many advantages it can also […]

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