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Talks on craft at the V&A transcripts

Last September I was invited to speak on craft at the V&A for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship TrustThe transcripts have just been put up online as a PDF here Or if you would prefer to read as plain text without pictures I’ll copy my bit below. Art, Craft, and Design:Cross-overs and Boundariesin the 21st CenturyIntroductory […]

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seeds of freedom

Most of my blog posts are about traditional woodworking and traditional crafts but I am also passionately interested in traditional agriculture globally and locally. Perhaps surprisingly  only 30% of the worlds food is produced by the industrialised farming methods we are so familiar with in the developed West, this system is designed to work with large […]

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do what you love every day

Today’s blog post is a group of inspirational places, first North Bennet Street School, an amazing place that has been teaching the highest quality of craft skills since 1885 Another inspirational place is North House Folk School, I am hugely impressed by their work. See the website here In Sweden the national folk craft school […]

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is your life a success?

My mate Barn is with me this week and as always we have interesting discussions on all sorts of topics. Today we are thinking about success. I guess we all have an inner feeling of whether we have made it or not, many of us will feel maybe we aren’t quite what our parents might […]

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