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is your life a success?

My mate Barn is with me this week and as always we have interesting discussions on all sorts of topics. Today we are thinking about success. I guess we all have an inner feeling of whether we have made it or not, many of us will feel maybe we aren’t quite what our parents might […]

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can we define what craft is?

Yesterday I was a meeting in London of the steering group for a major piece of government funded research into the state of heritage crafts in England. The first and perhaps most difficult task is to define very precisely what heritage crafts are in such a way as the research company can go away and […]

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life is a gym for head, hand and heart.

It seems to me that the life many people aspire to at the moment involves spending the working day in important meetings or at a computer or doing similar cerebral work, then in the morning or evening jogging or pumping iron at the gym to get that perfect body. These gyms seem bizarre places to […]

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production and consumtion, London riots and craft

As the London riots were kicking off last week most commentators were going on about lack of respect, broken Britain and the breakdown of moral values, the proposed solution is normally increased discipline by home and state. I was blogging about my take on it, that being that these folk were just doing what we […]

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