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love spoon

Welsh love spoons and cawl spoons

I love Welsh spoons, whilst the tradition of spooncarving died out in England it continued to be strong in Wales with many folk still alive that ate all the time with wooden bowls and spoons in their youth. This was particularly the case for the Welsh national dish a traditional broth called cawl (recipe below). […]

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axe handle

how to make a new axe handle

I wrote this article a few years ago before I was blogging and thought it might be of interest to have here. Fitting an axe handle in this blog post. First wood selection. The perfect wood is nice straight grain ash fairly fast grown, if it gets more than 6-8 rings per inch it is […]

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how to carve wooden bowls

Carving wooden bowls is a wonderful thing to do. It is a bit harder physically than spooncarving and requires a few more dedicated tools but the results are wonderful. Here are a couple of bowls carved by students on our first bowlcarving course. I have been carving bowls for some time and before starting to […]

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