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huge Sheffield grinding wheel

I was at Portland Works in Sheffield last week and wanted to share a couple of pics of Andrew at Wigful tools grinding a 3″ bolster chisel. I have learnt a lot from Sheffield folk about grinding, forging, hardening and tempering steel but when I see proper professionals at work I still feel very much […]

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Sheffield council to audit metal trade skills.

Sheffield is famous across the world for steel, cutlery and metal trades. Steel was first mass produced here using the crucible process and stainless steel first made into cutlery here in 1913. Times move on however, the majority of that kind of manufacturing moved out to China and Sheffield Council have successfully invested in rebranding […]

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how to make a Sheffield pocketknife in 50 pictures

 Last week I posted about visiting a traditional Sheffield pocketknife maker with Jon Henley from the Guardian. Now you can see Jon’s slide show here. Appologies for wrong link posted yesterday.  If you like it why not post a comment here or sign up to the guardian site and post a comment below the […]

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