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why I don’t use sandpaper

I don’t use sandpaper and this email received today is a good start in explaining why. “Hi Robin Would you mind if I ask you another question? Can’t find any advice on this on t’internet. I buy a spoon from you, with lovely knife finish and no sanding and when I use it and wash […]

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making spoon knives

For carving spoons you need a bent knife to hollow the bowl. Over the years I have been carving and teaching I have struggled to get good knives. For a while I was buying them from Bo Helgesson in Sweden and they were excellent but he does not seem to be making them now. There […]

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SPOONFEST is one of the highlights of my year. It is a wonderful gathering of 250 people from 11 countries all sharing the love of carved wooden spoons. That is on the surface but underneath there is something deeper, a shared enjoyment of a slightly silly, simple, meaningful life with chatting and music round the […]

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spoonfest preparations

This week is all about preparations for SPOONFEST. I have been out collecting timber, it is probably the worst time of the year to run a festival that needs lots of green timber, most folk stop cutting through the summer but I have one little woodland I go to where I can cut birch. The woodland […]

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