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learning craft is like learning music so why do we teach it differently?

When I started teaching wooden spoon carving I would allow people to “go free with the wood” just teaching them basic technique and letting their imaginations run wild. They made crap spoons but were happy. After a while I decided for my foundation beginners course I had to restrict the options and teach in a […]

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more SPOONFEST photos

Sunrise on Sunday morning over the SPOONFEST campsite  some of the wood we had gathered, I had planned to add notes about what each species was good for but ran out of time. We had over a dozen species of wood ranging from lime and horse chestnut to hornbeam, field maple and cherry. I was […]

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This post is mainlythe first batch of photos of SPOONFEST  the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon.  Around 170 people came together from Holland, Czech republic, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The week before my daughter Jojo and I were busy gathering perfect spooncarving wood, here we are thinning […]

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SPOONFEST is over, the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon was all that we hoped it would be and much much more. It has been a lot of work and I am now straight into an amazing course on mocataugan making with Jarrod Stone Dahl so no time to sort the few pictures […]

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