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This post is mainlythe first batch of photos of SPOONFEST  the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon.  Around 170 people came together from Holland, Czech republic, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The week before my daughter Jojo and I were busy gathering perfect spooncarving wood, here we are thinning […]

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SPOONFEST is over, the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon was all that we hoped it would be and much much more. It has been a lot of work and I am now straight into an amazing course on mocataugan making with Jarrod Stone Dahl so no time to sort the few pictures […]

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best spoon carving courses in the UK?

I started carving spoons 21 years ago inspired by Wille Sundqvists book “Swedish Carving Technique” back then there were no spoon carving courses the UK green woodworking scene was all about making windsor chairs on pole lathes. I was totally inspired by Wille Sunqvist “Carved utensils and other objects are a joy to use and […]

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carving wooden spoons in public

On my last spooncarving course one of the students was TV presenter and green woodworking enthusiast Adam Hart Davis. He has been greenwoodworking for many years and is particularly fond of spooncarving. I was inspired to hear that Adam carves spoons on the train. I travel to London fairly often and have been learning to […]

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SPOONFEST is a gathering of everyone interested in spooncarving for a weekends fun, sharing and inspiration. It started out as a sort of pipe dream of getting all our favourite carvers together to talk spoons and carve together, it seems to have taken off into a genuine international event with carvers, collectors, beginners and fellow […]

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gorgeous Welsh lovespoon

I really dislike the tourist tat Welsh lovespoons that most people know but I was recently sent photos of a gorgeous original Welsh lovespoon which is a simple beautiful understated form with just the right amount of decoration. I have not done a copy yet, but I will. Would it be right to make a […]

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love spoon

Welsh love spoons and cawl spoons

I love Welsh spoons, whilst the tradition of spooncarving died out in England it continued to be strong in Wales with many folk still alive that ate all the time with wooden bowls and spoons in their youth. This was particularly the case for the Welsh national dish a traditional broth called cawl (recipe below). […]

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