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one of Sweden’s best spooncarvers Fritiof Runhall

Meet Fritiof Runhall one of Sweden’s best spooncarvers. Sweden is known amongst green woodworkers for spooncarving largely through the writing of Wille Sundqvist and teaching of his son Jogge. There are very few professional spooncarvers though and Fritiof is one of the best. Here is some of his work.  salad servers  The top eating spoon […]

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environmental spoon poster

I wish I had been fast enough to buy one of these screen printed posters by Max Tempkin. I have written about craft and environmentalism beforeA jeweler working in the UK may appear relatively “environmentally friendly” but a single gold ring creates 20 tons of mill waste and the mining industry has been labeled as […]

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more cherrywood spoons

Last week I was carving cherry spoons. I just had 2 small cherry logs about 6″ diameter and 6″ long. I carve just with an axe and knives and ended up with 21 finished spoons. (only 20 in the picture because one is already on the way to it’s new owner)  When I blogged last […]

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How best to teach and learn craft skills

The way craft skills are passed on has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. As with much of education the focus seems to me to have moved from knowledgeable teachers deciding what is good for the students whether they like it or not to the students being customers who get to do what they […]

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spoon carving course review

A nice review of my foundation spooncarving course in this months Bushcraft Magazine. Paul who did the review has been carving and teaching for some time but still enjoyed it and learned some new things. Hopefully if you click on this image it will enlarge big enough to read. When I started I wondered whether […]

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spoon carving course

Just finished a wonderful spooncarving course. Lovely folk and with 6 of us carving for 3 days and learning new skills and techniques not single drop of blood was spilled of plaster used. I think this North West Coast style feast ladle is one of the nicest things I have had carved on a course […]

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