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the perfect cooking spoon

I am in search of the perfect cooking spoon. My charity work with HCA is very fulfilling but increasingly eats into work time, as a trustee of a charity I can’t be paid for any work I do for HCA. I still have bills to pay and kids to feed so my latest attempt to […]

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What is Sloyd?

All of a sudden I have heard lots of folk talking about “sloyd”. Like “utsushi” in my last post this is a foreign word which has many subtle meanings which are lost in the normal translation simply as “handcraft”. This word I know a little more about though having spent some time in Sweden and […]

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Our house is pretty spoon obsessed at the moment but also a very creative place.  Barnaby Carder “Barn the Spoon” is staying with us and we have been having great fun discussing the most minor refined details of spoon design and cutting technique. It is a joy to share this stuff with someone as deeply […]

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spooncarving, bridge building and grinding

This week we had a fantastic spooncarving course here are a few pictures. It was so much fun I forgot to take photos until the last few minutes. As always there was a tremendous range of really wonderful folk from Yvonne the biodynamic beekeeper to Duncan the knifemaker and Barn the itinerant spooncarver who has […]

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