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The best spoon course course yet?

Having been running spoon carving courses for several years now this is the first where we managed three days without a single cut. Carving with knives is perfectly safe if you are careful and learn a specific set of safe efficient cuts. This weekend we ran a developers spooncarving course for folk who had some […]

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spoon and kuksa carving course

Last week we had a very enjoyable developers spooncarving course which turned into more of a kuksa carving course. After the first 2 days covering the basics of spoon design and carving spoons from crooks or bent pieces of wood to get a strong but light spoon I always offer a range of projects for […]

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spooncarving courses

I have just been reviewing course bookings for the year and am delighted to see that our developers courses are filling up rapidly with folk wanting to come back after doing a foundation course last year. Our June developers course has only 1 place left and October is already half full. I have always said […]

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big spoons for English Heritage

I am currently working on an order for replica woodware for an English Heritage project at Dover Great Tower. I have lots of designs for 12th century wooden bowls both for the kitchens and Kings quarters but spoons were a bit more difficult. Here are the few pics I have managed to find and the […]

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more spoon racks

So I have been talking with Mathew about spoon racks and thought I would put a few pictures of different types up here. These date from the days when everyone had their own personal wooden spoon which they washed and popped back in the rack. First a joined one, these are quite common in the […]

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