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Bradfield Bridge

Just a few more photos showing progress on my new bridge. It looks over-engineered for the tiny stream but 6 weeks ago the water would have been lapping just under the main timbers. Cutting the last handrails.  If you look closely bottom centre you’ll see a newly hatched family of mallards.  View across the cricket […]

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time with German friends

My friends Michail and Hannes visited last week, we visited Owen Jones in the Lakes and the Carpenters Fellowship Frame event where we were all demonstrating hand tool woodworking. It was school holidays so Ollie came with us. Lots of good times. This is Owen working on a basket. He lives on the banks of […]

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a holiday with German friends

Last week we were on holiday in Germany visiting Michail and Hannes the friends that built our woodshed for us last year. We lived in a yurt for the week the sun shone, we carved lots of spoons visited craftspeople sat late into the evening round the campfire and had a lovely time. I have […]

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timber framing

This morning I took my German friends to the airport at 5.30am after a most wonderful and inspirational 2 weeks. Michail and Hannes helped me to build a new timber framed wood store, the process was a real eye opener. Timber framing involves hard and skilled manual work, an eye for beauty but also a […]

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I was just discussing axe design and use with folk on the British Blades forum and was reminded of one of the most wonderful exhibitions of woodworking skill I have seen. In 2005 I attended the first european “kesurokai”. This was an event inspired by a German carpenter journeyman spending time working with Japanese temple […]

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