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how to read a woodland

WG Hoskins wrote “The English landscape itself, to those who know how to read it aright, is the richest historical record we possess.” (p14, ‘The Making of the English Landscape’, 1955).  Few people know how to read landscape but it is a wonderful thing with layer upon layer upon layer of history. I was recently […]

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Ancient trees and woodland management at Hatfield Forest

Hatfield forest is an incredible survival of a landscape little changed from medieval times. Here under the flightpath of Stansted airport there are hundreds of trees that were growing during Shakespeare’s lifetime, coppice woodland, pollard trees, flower rich meadows, marsh and a history of land management little changed for 1000 years.  Hatfield has a special […]

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Bradfield bridge progress

I have had little time for blogging recently but have been making good progress on my green oak bridge at Bradfield. This post showed the start of the work on the stone abutments. The next step was finding a suitable tree for the main timbers. I have been looking for this tree for many months. […]

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