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Grayson Perry Art and Craft

As the only person working in a craft medium to be taken seriously by the art world and having won the Turner Prize Grayson Perry is often outspoken, entertaining and thought provoking. He famously said the Art world found it easier to accept the fact that he was a transvestite than that he made pots. […]

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spooncarvers at play

What do professional spooncarvers do for fun? This is Fritiof Runhall one of the very few professional spooncarvers in Sweden. In between teaching 2 masterclasses in Edale we had a few days off with glorious weather. First priority was getting up the hill to enjoy the scenery.  This was 1st of October and it was […]

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UK Parliamentary Group recommend my work

The all Part Parliamentary Manufacturing Group is an initiative of Vince Cable to highlight the great manufacturing that still goes on in the UK. Each MP is asked to recommend local manufacturers that we can be proud of.I am delighted that my MP Andrew Bingham has recommended not only myself but fellow craft business Hill […]

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craft communities and sustainability

Connecting Craft and Communities is a networking project “to enable participants to examine the changing cultures, politics, practices and skills of Craft in the 21st century.”As part of that I attended a 2 day meeting at Dartington Hall focusing on crafting sustainability. It was a wonderful informal gathering and whilst folks were presenting short papers […]

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William Morris and Craftivism

Was William Morris a Craftivist? and do the writings of Morris and the ideals of Craftivism have something to contribute to the personal philosophy of craftspeople today? That subject forms the basis of a forthcoming PhD for Mila Burcikova, a bit much to cram into one blog post but quite exciting and kept me engaged […]

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crafts and the way people relate to objects

Kevin Murray gave one of the keynote papers at the Making Futures conference last week. a very entertaining speaker he encouraged us to question the way we relate to physical objects. In the great hall at Dartington with the oak lectern he looks rather like a preacher but the sermon was anything but dry. We […]

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Craft is Great Britain

Today David Cameron launched a £500,000 ad campaign promoting British Culture with 10 posters highlighting British Heritage, Music, Countryside, Sport, Innovation etc  but they forgot the crafts one again so we helped them out. Please share these with your friends, post it on your blogs and facebook and let’s get it out there as widely […]

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Prof Kate Soper on craft and sustainability

Making futures brought together delegates from the UK and around the world to question how we can live sustainable lives, and whether craft has a role to play in getting from here to there. The full conference program and summaries of the papers are available online here in due course the full text of the […]

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