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Dartington Hall and the Elmhirsts

Just back from 6 days in Devon discussing what role crafts have in helping create a sustainable future. The setting was the magnificent Dartington Hall. I came away inspired and am now wondering if I can manage to pass on some of that inspiration just through blog posts, I’ll try my best though as a […]

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tree hugging in a high wind

I have to start this post by saying I am normally a very rational, scientific not very tree huggy sort of person. However I love outstanding experiences of the natural world and I also enjoy adrenalin rushes and any top entertainment that is free is a bonus, spur of the moment opportune experiences do it […]

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Food for Thought: Craft and Sustainability

Food for Thought: Craft and Sustainability BY Julie K. Hanus  The article below was originally posted on the American Craft Council blog here I enjoyed it and wanted to share it unaltered, it is a good blog worth following. Craft and sustainability is a hot topic at the moment and I’ll be attending this […]

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lots of wooden bowls

This week I am in full production mode in the workshop and thoroughly enjoying it. These are beech bowls, perfect for soup or cereal. They are turned green then stacked for the air to circulate whilst they dry, it takes about 6 weeks.  I think it is sad so few turners make bowls to eat […]

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halloumi and watermelon

Just discovered halloumi and watermelon a combination made in heaven (or Cyprus apparently it’s popular there)  sweet crunchy juicy melon is the perfect match for the rich salty grilled halloumi. Bowls by me, Wille Sundqvist and Richard Raffan, plates mine, wine glass air twist by Tony Wassell, cutlery Alexander Clark Co Sheffield, 2006 Rioja and […]

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“Handmade in Britain” BBC TV

My first post of 2011 said “I believe this year will see an explosion of traditional crafts in the media” a couple of weeks ago I was filmed for John Cravens BBC “Britan at Risk” series and today the BBC announce “Handmade in Britain.” All great news. The BBC and V&A today announce Handmade In […]

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stained glass courses in London

Looking for an interesting way to spend the weekend? an unusual gift? or to learn a new skill? Some folk will have seen my friend Sophie Hussain as the tutor on Monty Don’s BBC Mastercrafts program last year. Now you have the chance to learn the skill yourself. Sophie is offering 2 day weekend courses […]

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interesting wasp behaviour

3 nights ago a badger dug out a wasps nest alongside my woodstore. The nest had clearly been considerably larger than a football and all the comb and grubs were gone leaving only half the outer paper shell. The remaining worker wasps were clustered around on this having nowhere else to go. The thing that […]

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80 percent of success is just showing up

Today I am cutting winter firewood in the Derbyshire hills, tomorrow I’ll be at Clarance House, home of HRH The Prince of Wales, Tuesday at Department of Culture Media and Sport DCMS all to support traditional crafts skills. First meeting at Clarance House is with Emily Cherrington. Emily is Assistant Private Secretary to The Prince […]

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good news for supporters of living heritage.

Richmond dock was built at Appledore on the mouth of the River Torridge in 1856 and was said to have been the largest dry dock in all the Bristol Channel ports at that time. By the early nineteenth century much of the timber for shipbuilding in Britain was being imported from North America, the traditional […]

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