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made in London

This is a project by film maker turned photographer Tim Clements, the photos are copyright but Tim is a fan of HCA and has kindly let us share them with you.  This is Tim’s explanation of the project “I am making a series of 50 photographs celebrating independent Trades and Crafts People who make a […]

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Standard Quay Faversham

Great article yesterday by Jon Henley in the Guardian Of a winter’s morning, the attractions of Standard Quay are not immediately apparent. A chill north-easterly wind slices in across the marshes from the Swale and, beyond, the open sea. The tide is out, and Faversham Creek is mostly mud. The tarred and weatherboarded sheds […]

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sad personal news

I don’t normally blog about personal stuff being quite a private person but feel the need to pass on some sad personal news to my regular blog readers.There is no easy way of saying this, after 20 years together and 19 years of marriage in October Nicola decided to leave me. We have had relationship […]

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cool woodworking tool

Now I am not about to rush out and buy one of these but I like it and I like the video. And whilst I am way off my normal blog subjects I shall share another little youtube gem for anyone who fancies a laugh. “Never fry gnocci”

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250 year old birch bark canoe found in Cornwall

National Maritime Museum Cornwall and one of the oldest, and most influential families, in Cornwall are working together to conserve possibly the oldest Birch Bark Canoe in existence. Estimated to be over 250 years old, the canoe has been discovered on the Enys Estate near Penryn, housed in one of the Enys family‚Äôs barns.    […]

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Winter in Edale

On the way to the workshop this morning I took a quick diversion up Mam Tor (it means “mother hill” and is an iron age hill fort) It is a 2 minute diversion and the view is quite stunning, my workshop is at the far end of the valley toward the left, last building at […]

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It’s unusual for us to get much snow this early but it has been around a few days now. Road outside the house.  Main road to Edale down to one lane.  Snowy workshop  Nice view, tools covered to stop snow drifting in and rusting them.  drying bowls  and plates  Big drifts on the road to […]

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