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Last of the summer wine

 This is Little Langdale in the lake district.  Last weekend I spent a bit of time there with my dad, uncle and cousin.  I simply love the weather we are having, crisp cold, deep frost but still air and dry. A light snowfall to make the landscape pretty.  This is slaters bridge a very simple […]

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Crafts are valuable parts of our our Heritage

Meet John Penrose MP for Weston-super-Mare and minister for Heritage and Tourism. Following our meeting last week John Penrose has sent us the following message of support. “ The Heritage Crafts Association has brought together a fine range of different living crafts which are valuable parts of our heritage. The Association’s commitment to supporting small […]

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special Christmas present?

Do you know anyone that sews or does embroidery and apreciates lovely handmade things?Then how about these for a gorgeous Christmas present. Hand made in Sheffield gold plated and they work perfectly. They come in a leather sheath and presentation box delivered to your door for just £20 which I think is a bit of […]

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more craft videos

This time signwriting canal boat style and on a nice old Morris van And Saville row tailors trying to protect their name. and last one spinning and dyeing in Peru

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Kevin McCloud loves Craftsmanship

Kevin McCloud is well known as the TV presenter of the “Grand Designs” program which makes him very influential in forming popular opinion. It was great to hear then that he was going to speak on “value and craftsmanship” urging people to ” rediscover the unfashionable value of craftsmanship – it is the only way […]

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UNESCO world heritage list recognises Peruvian scissor dancers but not Sheffield scissor makers

This week UK news is reporting the UNESCO world heritage list. Radio 4 Today program this morning andTelegraph 1Telegraph 2Surprisingly non of these pointed out that there are no UK examples of living heritage on the list. This one is better.GuardianOne humorous one from ScotlandHeraldThe world heritage list recognises important parts of our cultural heritage […]

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traditional crafts on BBC Edwardian Farm

The BBCs Victorian Farm program was described as a “surprise hit” and the team are back now for Edwardian farm. We will be updating information about the crafts and craftspeople shown in the program and of course we are delighted that Alex Langlands one of the shows presenters is a patron of the Heritage Crafts […]

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Omar Ramsden mazer bowl

The last person making really good mazers was the celebrated silver smith Omar Ramsden. His mazers were not aiming to be close to the originals but a modern twist on the old theme. They were however nicely made and now command good prices in the silver trade. This one was made in 1924 and recently […]

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