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5 minute break

 I am sat up late for the third night in a row doing the first sift on applications for our Heritage Crafts Association administrators job. We shortlist on Friday but have 250 applications so we are doing a pre sift before meeting. Just reading through 250 applications takes a lot of time but we want […]

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made by hand

There seems to be a real movement gathering momentum asking questions about how we live our lives, particularly looking at the benefits of working with our hands and making things whether as a profession or as a hobby. Tomorrow a new book is released in the UK written by Mark Frauenfelder the founder of the […]

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Padley Gorge bridge

 This week is half term so my son Ollie has been helping out on my bridge at Padley Gorge (someone must have had a vivid imagination when they names it) Here we have just fixed the handrails on using copper boat nails.   and the lower rails mostly fitted. I had a day cutting bowl […]

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honest pots

Honest pots is a wonderful exhibition on currently at York Art Gallery, and the pot above is my favourite in the show. A glorious 18th century slip decorated dish, if I could find someone who could make one of these today I would love to use it for lasagna, pasta bakes or pies. The idea […]

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The Woodlanders

The Woodlanders was a great book written by Thomas Hardy written in 1887, clearly Hardy’s best novel since one character is “the hollow turner” or bowl turner. Today I received a copy of “Woodlanders, New Life in Britain’s Forests” a new book by Ian Edwards. And here is the blurb“Across the UK, people are rediscovering […]

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