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honest pots

Honest pots is a wonderful exhibition on currently at York Art Gallery, and the pot above is my favourite in the show. A glorious 18th century slip decorated dish, if I could find someone who could make one of these today I would love to use it for lasagna, pasta bakes or pies. The idea […]

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The Woodlanders

The Woodlanders was a great book written by Thomas Hardy written in 1887, clearly Hardy’s best novel since one character is “the hollow turner” or bowl turner. Today I received a copy of “Woodlanders, New Life in Britain’s Forests” a new book by Ian Edwards. And here is the blurb“Across the UK, people are rediscovering […]

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barn the spoon turns a bowl

Barnaby Carder aka “Barn the spoon” is still with us and so over the weekend we played in the workshop. First we forged hook tools then ground hardened and tempered them.  Then Barn turned a rather nice beech bowl, this is starting the outside.  Hollowing the inside.  Nearly finished, just undercutting the core, the most […]

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great old videos

My friend Sean Hellman pointed me toward the Pathe news site which has some great old craft films from the 1930s to 50s. Not sure if these are visible in the US and there may be a short advert at the start but worth it. HOOP MAKING CLOGS RUSH INDUSTRY (issue title – MANORS AND […]

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old lathes

A few days ago I posted the lovely short film of Lloyd Kahn and thanks to various comments was put onto Lloyds blog here there is lots of fun stuff, but I had to search back posts on tools and found this great picture and links. I have not managed to find the image on […]

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