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wooden bowl carving course

I have just finished a very enjoyable 3 day bowl carving course. These 8 bowls were carved by 4 course participants. This was only the second bowl course I have run, the first was a great success with students making 2 bowls each and a fantastic standard of work. I was unsure though whether we […]

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how to carve wooden bowls

Carving wooden bowls is a wonderful thing to do. It is a bit harder physically than spooncarving and requires a few more dedicated tools but the results are wonderful. Here are a couple of bowls carved by students on our first bowlcarving course. I have been carving bowls for some time and before starting to […]

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wooden bowl carving

I love carved wooden bowls. In Scandinavia there is a long tradition of bowl carving and it is commonly taught as a green woodworking course. What could be nicer than over a few days hewing a gorgeous wooden bowl from a log and then having it to use at home for many years to come. […]

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carving a wooden bowl

After a days work turning bowls carving one can be quiet a free experience. I am no longer tied to circular forms. In Sweden I have seen many beautiful old bowls carved in the shapes of birds, there is a similar tradition in the Native peoples of the North West Coast of the US. Anyway […]

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