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wooden bowl carving

I love carved wooden bowls. In Scandinavia there is a long tradition of bowl carving and it is commonly taught as a green woodworking course. What could be nicer than over a few days hewing a gorgeous wooden bowl from a log and then having it to use at home for many years to come. […]

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carving a wooden bowl

After a days work turning bowls carving one can be quiet a free experience. I am no longer tied to circular forms. In Sweden I have seen many beautiful old bowls carved in the shapes of birds, there is a similar tradition in the Native peoples of the North West Coast of the US. Anyway […]

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David Pye

A couple of weeks ago I was scanning wooden bowls for sale on ebay as I do occasionally when I spotted one made by David Pye. I was delighted to buy it. David Pye who died in 1993 has been an inspiration to me for years, he was a turner, carver and for many years, […]

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